ALPREMA is the chosen ally for companies that decide the future of the manufacturing industry when it comes to automation and machining.

Our automation department is specialized in developing harnesses for the automobile assembly industry, developing equipment such as:

  • Dies
  • Molds
  • Repairs
  • Structures
  • Climpers
  • Soldiering
  • Anvils
  • Industrial cutters
  • Razors
  • Fixtures

Our Values

  1. Honesty
    Toward our clients and employees, we are committed to transparency.
  2. Responsibility
    We make sure that every process and product is made in a responsible way.
  3. Integrity
    Our words and actions go hand in hand.
  4. Our Prices
    We are committed to offering the most competitive and just prices. You’ll never pay more than necessary.

Industry 4.0

Adapting ourselves to every technological change and the way companies operate, ALPREMA is proud to be a part of the growing Industry 4.0 by implementing new techniques and technologies like robotics and nanotechnologies that intervene in our processes, making them more automated, efficient, sustainable and intuitive which in turn allows us to offer a more personalized production, enhancing the profit and generating more business opportunities with companies that are more and more intelligent each day.

Mission statement

Our company always wants to be one step ahead of the competition, anticipating the industry’s needs.adipiscing elit Duis sed sagittis neque, a dapibus nisl Nullam vee natis massa metus Quis

To provide integrated solutions that complement the needs of the manufacturing or service industry when it comes to design, automation, metals, accessories, and machining.

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ALPREMA Industries

As a part of our vision to conquer the market in the southern border of the US, in 2016 ALPREMA Industries opened its doors as a sister company for ALPREMA, selling our automation and machining products.

ALPREMA Industries has its own engineering team that is qualified to handle any challenge in front of them, solving any problem and satisfying our client’s needs.

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ALPREMA was created in 1997 with the purpose of satisfying the needs of the growing manufacturing industry.

A family project that became a pioneer in the area. At ALPREMA we provide the ideal tools and products for machining, robotics and automation, automated production line programming, as well as engineering metals and plastics as materials.

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