In order to become experts in the automation services we offer, ALPREMA has been able to form strategic alliances with the companies that manufacture the specialized products for the industry.

A world identified, viewed, inspected marked and verify by Datalogic
Datalogic is the world leader in technology in the automatic data entry and process automation market, being specialized in barcode readers, laptops, sensors for detection, measurement and security, as well as vision and laser systems.

The unity and prompt response to every client’s requests, along with constant innovation and high-quality offer are the distinctive elements that have made Datalogic successful during the last 40 years. Their leading edge has helped them enhance the efficiency and quality in their processes for retail, fabrication, transportation and logistics, as well as medical attention throughout the value chain.

World leader in electrical and pneumatic assembly tools for a wide range of assembly and manufacturing operations. We’ve developed solutions based on this technology.

It’s truly simple. You have work to do, clients to attend to. CP is there to help you do the job, no commitment.

Our commitment with you: People. Passion. Action.

At Chicago Pneumatic, our objective is to provide our clients with the best global service and local support for vehicular service, industry and construction with a dedicated product selection and a solid network of official distributors. We generate added value by offering the best solution to their needs based on our great experience.

What does our mission mean for your business? In the end, it’s all about productivity. CP is here to make difficult tasks easier.

We rely on Graco to satisfy the needs of our clients when it comes to Advanced Fluid Dispense (AFD)/Sealant and adhesive dispensing equipment.

Also, they provide us with equipment for hot fusion materials, two and one part sealants and adhesives, industrial injection foam inside the premises, composite materials and automobile sealants with foams like NVH, PCF, InvisiPac, Therm-O-Flow, PD44, PR70, HFR, Dispensit, as well as supplying systems like Uni-Drum and for environments.

Robotics, automation, logistics or electronics: we join our skills towards a common target, to help our clients take the definitive leap. Under his commitment, Kuka can stablish global standards. Our adaptable and high-quality solutions are proof that we are always looking to satisfy our client’s needs.